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The Notebooks of Honora Gorman

Not a love story—and yet a story of love. Love for a city, the artist’s way, and dreams. When the indomitable, though introverted, Honora Gorman moves to New York City to pursue the writer’s path, she is overwhelmed by the city’s beauty and energy. Yet she’s convinced that this is the place where her true self will finally emerge. Her beloved notebooks will chronicle the exuberant persistence of storytelling and the pursuit of her dreams. The result is the fanciful story of Honora’s writing life woven together with fairytales, whimsy, and wonder.

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And So We Dream-eBook Cover FrontAnd So We Dream

Twelve-year-old Joey Roland is sent away to family friends while his parents in Chicago “work things out.” The family’s beautiful teenaged daughters–Anne, Vita, and Beth–welcome Joey into their lives of adventure, beauty, and plans for the future. Joey especially bonds with Vita and her all-or-nothing quest to become an actor. Joey’s “there must be more” merges with Vita’s “I must make it happen” resulting in a magical summer for two desperate dreamers. Set in small-town Illinois, the Vietnam War forms the backdrop to this coming-of-age story.

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The Garden House

Turning fifty disrupts Miranda’s life in ways she hasn’t expected, forcing her to come to terms with unresolved issues. Chief among these is the mystery surrounding William Priestly, the tenant who is renting the family garden house for the summer. Is he the nice man he appears to be? Or is he the reason behind her increasingly disturbing dreams?

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dreamsofyouth_kindle_hiThe Dreams of Youth

These five interrelated pieces tell the story of Maggie, a unique individual who is Everywoman—daughter, dreamer, nurse, friend, wife, mother. Spanning eighty-five years, they follow her from Depression-era Illinois to 1940s Hollywood, coastal California, and back to the rural Midwest. Bittersweet and poignant, celebratory and inspiring, these stories deal with the exuberance and romance of youth, the delight of friendship, the adventure of going forth into the world, and the disappointment and heartache that are part of life.

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seventalesoflove_kindle_hi_v2Seven Tales of Love

Seven brief tales depict various expressions of love—unwanted, unrequited, passionate, enduring—from the bright beginnings of youth, through the doubts and changes of middle age, to the comfort and familiarity of old age.

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