The Notebooks of Honora Gorman


An unconventionally enchanting piece of fiction. The…writing style is tempting, glamorous and surely whimsical. It is nothing less than a fairytale. A beautiful read! (Amazon review)

If I could only use one word to describe this book, it would be beautiful….I absolutely recommend it to anyone who has ever had a dream. (Amazon review)

Oh how I loved this book! [It] made me fall in love with the written word all over again….[and] inspired me to keep writing.. (Instagram review)

Unlike anything else I’ve read.  I loved the writing style and read the book in one sitting. It is a beautifully written book. (Goodreads review)

Quirky and full of reality amidst the whimsy, Honora is a VERY relatable character. (Goodreads review)

The life and times of a writer pursuing her dreams.…I loved the beauty of this. It’s lyrical, poetic and magical. (Amazon review)


And So We Dream


A lucidly described coming-of-age tale [with] a mysterious, almost mythic feminine glamour. (Kirkus Reviews)

A delightful read…this book brings you back to good times. (Amazon review)

A beautifully written book about…a boy coming to find himself and his way in the world. (Amazon review)

Magically crafted…a beautiful innocent story that left me warm-hearted, an easy read to just sit and relax. (Amazon review)

A vividly portrayed coming-of-age story with a mysterious charm to it. I found myself enjoying every part of this story. (Goodreads review)


header 2 The Cx Series (1).pngChristmastime 1939

1939 jewel photo.JPG

Beautiful story for the holiday season!…I would highly recommend this book to anyone needing a little Christmas spirit. (Amazon review)

This is an honest, tender hearted peek into the life of this sweet family, and you will be cheering for Lillian and her boys to find happiness. Once you have finished reading this story, you will want to read all of the rest of the books in this series! (Goodreads review)

I appreciate the lovely sensory aspects and vivid imagery that transport us right to the heart of the period. It’s an easy-flowing read, but rich in substance and message. Delightful. (Amazon review)

A beautiful and touching story that brought back my own memories. I highly recommend and what a nice gift to give to your loved ones!! (Amazon review)

Christmastime 1939 is filled with joy and laughter, with challenges and sorrows. It’s like reading about the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. There’s plenty of inspiration to be found in Lillian’s family and friends. (Goodreads review)


Christmastime 1940

1940(1).pngA beautifully written Christmas story. We read this out loud together this Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed it. We would recommend it for anyone looking for a good book to curl up with by the fireplace. (Amazon review)

Magnificent! Can’t wait to buy the next in the series! I’m hooked. (Amazon review)

I really enjoyed this book! [written] with the class and feel of the 1940s. A wonderful, wholesome story that will warm your soul – I can’t recommend it highly enough! (Amazon review)

What a delight! I absolutely enjoyed this book. After a chapter or two, I began to compare the storyline with Dickens, “A Christmas Carol” and realized it was a modern version of pain, love, joy, children and a whole lot more.… a poignant, interesting and heartfelt novel. This is a book for ALL seasons! (Amazon review)


Christmastime 1941

A a modern Christmas classic full of warmth, traditions and memorable characters. (Goodreads review)


I loved both 1940 and 1941! I certainly hope there is a Christmastime 1942 in the works! I felt like I was in the kitchen baking and in the living room by the fire! (Amazon Review)

I don’t usually read love stories. But this book Christmas 1941… IS JUST A WONDERFUL poignant story. It brought tears to my eyes as the story ended. I just wished the story had not come to an end. It was true about life after December 7th, 1941. (Amazon review)


Christmastime 1942


[Mahkovec] literally took the grey scale hues of most photos from 1942 and colorized them….1942 [comes] to life in the scarlets of lipstick, the grey of the smoke of war and the sunshine of hope in New York City. (Amazon review)

This book tenderly depicts the impact of World War II on the families and their soldiers. The author’s talented descriptiveness paints the picture of our (USA) greatest generation. (Amazon review)

The perfect Christmas story: dark, at times, but real and always human. This series, no doubt, has captured many hearts. (Amazon review)

I am so in love with this series of books!!…These books are so compelling, that as soon as I turn the last page on one book, I immediately begin the next!! (Goodreads review)


Christmastime 1943

Mahkovec is one of my favorite authors and this book is just as good as the others in the series.… A great addition to my bookshelf to be read over and over. (Goodreads review)


The stories are so incredibly vivid and paint a true picture of humanity at the time of the second world war…This book, more than the others in the series, takes us closer to the war and the period of disillusionment in the aftermath of the outbreak. (Goodreads review)

How can this series get any better???!! I am captivated by these stories!! They are beautifully written and so easy to get emotionally involved in!…I do not want them to end!!! (Amazon review)

Heart wrenching, nostalgic, beautiful love story! I was mesmerized…This story is still full of family, love and rich descriptions that bring such emotion, and nostalgia to me as I read this book. I love this series, can’t wait for 1944. (Amazon review)


Christmastime 1944


An extraordinary beautiful love story that stays in your heart! (Amazon review)

I could not put this book down. Such twists and turns Ms. Mahkovec had in store for her characters.…How all of this turns out … well … you’ll just have to pick up ‘1944’ and find out for yourself. You will be thrilled you did. Bravo! (Amazon review)

How did I get so addicted to The Christmastime Series? I really NEED to read the next book!!… I was captivated and enjoyed every moment, and I couldn’t put the book down. BE WARNED: The Christmastime series is addicting! (Goodreads review)

Another beautiful, nostalgic story, in this lovely Christmastime series.…I can’t wait for 1945! (Goodreads review)


Christmastime 1945


A memorable, mesmerizing, enthralling, riveting, and captivating novel that is so heartfelt and thought-provoking…I truly am sad to bid adieu to these wonderful characters. (Amazon review)

This last book was my favorite and gave closure to all the characters and story lines. I highly recommend this series! (Goodreads review)

A beautiful love story. (Amazon review)


The Garden House

I was completely swept away by this tale. I was engaged in the mystery, the confusion and all the secrecy.…The atmosphere was astonishing, and the story telling was extraordinary. …This book is one that will definitely test your intuition…It was a perfect novel. (NetGalley review)


I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed this beautifully written novel, I didn’t want to put it down once I started reading. Not because it was suspenseful or thrilling, but because the story was so beautifully crafted, the sense of “home” was so palpable, the main character so lovely in her determination to reclaim her sense of self. (Goodreads review)

This is a really good read; a thoughtful narrative with a mystery at its heart.… It had a lovely dreamy quality to it in places, and reminded me of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway. (Amazon Review)

From the first page, I was hooked and couldn’t put it down until the surprising end. Great read with memorable characters. (Amazon review)


Seven Tales of Love

7T for website

A delightful little book worth reading. The book can be finished in one day, but it’s more enjoyable over a brief period of time. Something to read when you need a sweet tale of love. Each story had its own unique flavor so there’s something for everyone. (Goodreads review)

This is an extremely nuanced collection of stories. Each one is like a gem, subtle and beautiful in its own way. My favorite was the last one: Solomon Grundy. I sighed when I finished it and it was a sigh of contentment and pleasure. (Amazon review)

A sweet, short book of 7 stories of different kinds of love…This story causes you to do some deep thinking. (Amazon review)

This book is one that does the heart good, it reaches in and pulls out feelings that were lying dormant.…Each story is amazing all on its own, quite distinct. Yet I have to join the group of readers who feel that Solomon Grundy was their favorite. It was the one that made me a short story believer. After reading it I had to put the book down, wipe the tears from my eyes, take a deep breath and take some time to think. (Amazon review)


The Dreams of Youth

DY for websiteBeautifully written, fast-paced. This story is a delightful surprise weaving timeless virtue into a romantic time period. In the pursuit of youthful dreams, Maggie and her friend, Rita, explore California in the Golden Age of Hollywood.…Maggie’s dreams, triumphs, hardships, and reflections on love could easily be your own. (Amazon review)

Good things do come in small packages. The Dreams of Youth is a prime example. A powerhouse packed into thirty-eight short pages. (Goodreads review)

I inhaled it. I loved it…Even though this book was short, it evokes an emotional response in the reader. It encourages you to take stock in your own life, and it lingers. Loved. (Goodreads review)

I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet gem. Yes, it is short, but still, the author tells the story of Maggie in a series of short stories. She illustrates so beautifully how the dreams of our youth may not play out the way we imagined them, but yet we can still have a life of beauty and meaning. (Goodreads review)