45 34

2 thoughts on “45 34

  1. BE STILL MY HEART!!!!!! I have waiting for this new book since I finished reading CHRISTMASTIME 1944….and now it is on the way to my house!! I am going to have a HARD TIME not peeking at the pages, but I want to start reading it on the day after Thanksgiving! I am very excited but it is kind of bittersweet because this will be the last book of the series…and I feel like I know all of these people! I want it to go on and on… Linda, THANK YOU for all of your BEAUTIFUL BLOGS AND BOOKS!!! Have a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS….AND MAY THE NEW YEAR BRING YOU EVERYTHING WONDERFUL!!!


  2. Hi Kathie – I’ve been thinking of you because you have so patiently been waiting for this final book. Yes, it is bittersweet – for me as well. I think it’s great that you will wait until after Thanksgiving to read it. Snuggle up with a cup of something hot and enjoy 1945. And thank you so much
    for all your comments and support. Linda


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