Flowering doorways


door 11

There’s something about a flowering doorway that moves the heart, that speaks of beauty and happiness.

It greets those who enter by framing them with fragrance, color, and loveliness,

and when leaving the abode, it provides a way of welcoming the day, a portal to pass through sure to initiate optimism and joy.

And if you are simply passing by, it offers a wish for happiness —


a silent act of generosity that bestows the gift of beauty and enriches the viewers, who, if their hearts are open, will carry the sweetness with them.

door 10

(all images from Pinterest)

11 thoughts on “Flowering doorways

  1. How absolutely beautiful! I wanted to open every one of those doors. I love what you said about them, too!


  2. Linda,

    The doors are absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had a door like that to comehone to. I love your pictures so much. Thank you for sharing them.


  3. I love these images. I used the green doorway at the tops as my inspiration for a watercolor painting I made and I wanted to be sure to give credit where credit is due. I love all these images and your words describing what they mean to you. Thank you for sharing!


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