Miranda’s garden — autumn days

“The sun shone on the garden, thick with late summer flowers and early autumn blooms.”

Though most of the story of The Garden House takes place over summer, the book ends with the beginning of fall, and a sense of change. I imagine the main character, Miranda, strolling through her garden at this time of year, gathering a few autumn leaves that have fallen to the ground and clipping blooms for displays around her home.

She would use certain flowers and berries and turn them into wreaths,

fall GH wreath 2

or pair them with candles to create a cozy fall ambiance.

fall branches

Most of the cut flowers would become arrangements that Miranda would place on bookshelves, counters, and tables throughout the house, with one special bouquet for the dining table.

fall bouque Paula

I imagine her preparing one of her special meals for her children who would visit over the weekend, or perhaps her friends next door would stop by for dinner.


Miranda would add leaves and moss, or branches of berries and a few apples to the dining table to give it an autumnal feel.

And if the weather was mild, she would choose to have dinner under the trees on her beloved deck.


As the autumn days grew cooler, Miranda would take a moment in her garden to curl up on a bench with a shawl, or find just the right spot to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and good book.

reading and cocoa

Beauty. Meaning. Books.







6 thoughts on “Miranda’s garden — autumn days

  1. I LOVE the set table on the deck…..it looks so inviting and inspiring! I am waiting for a nice Indian Summer Day and I will do that! Fun! Thank you for the email with the good news about Christmastime 1939!! I have been checking, and I see that it is available on kindle /Amazon. I will keep checking for the paperback to be available. I am not sure if you got the response to your email earlier, so I am repeating myself just in case. I have all of your Christmastime books wrapped together with a sheer ribbon & bow, with a sprig of artificial evergreen tucked under the bow….just waiting to be displayed on an end table this coming Christmas! I enjoyed that series so much that after I read the new Christmastime 1939 I will read the whole series once again. Linda, they are such wonderful stories and I treasure them! Happy Fall!!


    1. Hi Kathie – Thank you so much for your comment. I love that you are making the Christmastime series part of your Christmas decor! I can just imagine how pretty they must look with the ribbon and sprig of evergreen. I somehow missed your response so I’m glad you told me again – that makes me very happy!
      Happy Fall to you too!


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