Enchanted April

Lately, I’ve been thinking about a movie I’ve always loved, Enchanted April, based on the 1922 novel by Elizabeth von Arnim. I remembered that I had bought the book a few years ago and decided to read it — and watch the movie again. Set shortly after WWI, the story is about two women who are unhappy with their dreary, loveless lives in rainy London.

After seeing an advertisement for “Wisteria and Sunshine,”



they become filled with the dream of renting a villa in Italy for the month of April.

The impetuous Lotty convinces her friend Rose to make the dream a reality.

They find two other women, who are also dissatisfied with their lives, to join them in order to help lessen the cost, and set off for Italy.


A  month of strolling through the terraced hillsides, enjoying the rocky shore, dining al fresco, and resting in the tranquility of the gardens enables their spirits to heal.

The result is a reawakening to life, love, beauty, and newfound friendship .


To “wisteria and sunshine,”

 and to healing the spirit.




6 thoughts on “Enchanted April

  1. Hi Linda! Thank You for another lovely Blog! And also Thank You for refreshing my mind on ENCHANTED APRIL! I haven’t seen that movie in years and now will look for it on eBay or Amazon! I hope that you and yours stay well!! Have a Happy, Blessed Easter!!


  2. I’m watching that movie ASAP! I always take it out of my stash in April. I love how the movie begins in rain-drenched, overcast, gloomy London and then finally when they wake up in San Salvatore, the brilliant color of sky and flowers and the sound of waves and bird song, is one of the most memorable movie images I’ve ever seen.

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