And So We Dream

My new novel, And So We Dream, is now available for pre-order on Amazon, Kobo, and iTunes (and will be available on Barnes & Noble and Google Play in a few days,) with a release date of March 1st.

Back cover:

In this coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, a lonely boy finds acceptance when he spends the summer in a loving family with three beautiful daughters.

Twelve-year-old Joey Roland is sent away to family friends while his parents try to work things out. He’s eager to leave sadness and secrets behind in Chicago and head downstate to the small town of Greenberry, where the Vitale family awaits him. He thinks of their town as boyland—a world of bike riding, fishing, and going barefoot. Though initially shy of the teenaged daughters—Anne, Vita, and Beth—they welcome him into their lives of adventure, beauty, and dreams.

Joey especially bonds with the middle sister, Vita, and her all-or-nothing pursuit of an acting career. Joey’s “there must be more” merges with Vita’s “I must make it happen” resulting in a magical summer where the town of Greenberry becomes the crucible for two desperate dreamers.

Though the story is not autobiographical (alas), many of the details are rooted in my life. The fictional small town of Greenberry is based on my hometown of Carlinville, in south-central Illinois, and I was one of three teenaged sisters during the 1970s (along with two younger brothers). At the encouragement–and example–of our mother, we approached life as a wonderful adventure, with each day to be savored, and dreams to be taken seriously and actively pursued.

As with all my books, AND SO WE DREAM is very much about stepping into a world of beauty, wonder, longing, and, ultimately, transformation.

12 thoughts on “And So We Dream

  1. YAY—what a fabulous birthday present to me (March 1)!! I know what I am asking for! Can’t wait to read another one of your fabulous stories.

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  2. Can’t wait to read this book! It looks like it’s only available for pre-order via Kindle on Amazon, will it be available for pre-order as a paperback on Amazon soon too?

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  3. Hi Mary – The paperback version will also be available on March 1st. My distributor is still working on the pre-order. I know it’s available now as an ebook on Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo, and will soon also be available on B&N and Google Play. As the files get uploaded, it may also be available to pre-order as a paperback.


  4. As much as I hate to do this – I will order one copy from Amazon so I can put my review on their site. The rest of the copies I’ll order from The Center for Fiction Bookstore.

    Beautiful cover.

    We should celebrate by going to The Cafe des Artistes. My treat!!! I’ve never been but I always wanted to go.

    You did it! I am so inspired! And very happy for you.

    Hooray for Linda!


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