Valentine’s Day 1946: Sequel to the Christmastime Series

I was so sure that Christmastime 1945 would be last book in the Christmastime series — just as I was sure that Christmastime 1940 would be the first book. Yet all it took was the suggestion that perhaps I could write a brief prequel, and then a maybe think about a short sequel, perhaps a Valentine’s Day book, and those little planted seeds grew into two more books.

Once again, I’m sure that the series is now complete. However, at this point, I’ve learned never to say never.

Here’s a link to a post related to the series: Valentine’s Day in Mrs. Kuntzman’s Kitchen:

And for those of you who haven’t read one of my earliest books (short short stories), it will be FREE on Amazon Kindle from February 1st-5th, and available on Kindle Unlimited through March.


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6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day 1946: Sequel to the Christmastime Series

  1. No, no, no–please say it isn’t so–that you are sure “the series is now complete.”

    I ordered “Valentine’s Day 1946” the moment I saw it listed on Amazon. When it arrived earlier this week I had the (short-lived) dilemma of whether I should start it right away or save it because there were no more sequels in the works. Naturally I started it that night and am half way through–I am trying to pace myself and not whip through it in one sitting.

    I remain in awe of how you have consistently portrayed all of the various characters through all of the books. Their voices and actions remain true to the personalities you created way back in “Christmastime 1940.” Gabriel still remains my favorite–his antics with Billy as they try on outfits for their hosting duties had me laughing out loud.

    I alternate between hoping for a sequel set 15-20 years in the future or one that follows shortly after the 1948 Epilogue.

    Thank you for the many hours of reading pleasure your books provide.


    1. Well it’s comments like yours that will probably keep me adding to the series. I have a few other books that I need to write, but then, perhaps I will start another book in the Christmastime series. I do have a few ideas….
      Thank you, Linda!!


      1. You are very welcome! I have read and truly enjoyed all of your books, and will continue to do so (while patiently waiting haha).

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  2. I loved the series and just getting ready to start the Valentines sequel. Please write more. I couldn’t pu them down, my husband picked the series for my Christmas present!


    1. Hello Joan – what a wonderful comment. Thank you! I have had many requests to continue the series and requests like yours inspire me to want to write more. It’s a funny thing – once the idea gets planted it seems to take off on its own. I have a couple of ideas I’m considering. So thank you for the encouragement – and my thanks to your husband for buying the series for you for Christmas!


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