Spring on Kate’s farm (the Christmastime novels)

Though most of the scenes in the Christmastime series (WWII stories of love and family that take place on the home front) occur in the month of December, there are a few flashbacks to spring, summer, and fall. The final book in the series, Christmastime 1945: A Love Story, will have two scenes that take place in the previous spring.

I often imagine what the rural scenes might look like — sometimes drawing on the memories of growing up in small-town Illinois. (A few years ago I took the photo below of a farm outside of town. The tractor had plowed all around the dilapidated house, leaving the poignant patch of history.)

worn farmhouse

Other times I search for images on Pinterest that to help set the rural tone — a few early spring flowers that bloom along the fences and in the meadow,

or signs of spring in the barnyard and nearby trees.

And always, I imagine the interior scenes that take place with Kate and her daughters,  Ursula and Jessica —

warming up with a cup of tea in the farmhouse kitchen, a blanket reached for against the chill spring nights, a few notes plucked on the piano, the comforts of a hot bath and lavender-scented sheets after a long, hard day.

Life on the farm was hard, especially during the WWII years, but Kate and her daughters made sure to enrich their day-to-day living with small beauties and the comforts of home.

Amzaon Link: http://a.co/bZvcQIt

To be released later this year: Christmastime 1939: a prequel to the Christmastime series and Christmastime 1945: A Love Story.


7 thoughts on “Spring on Kate’s farm (the Christmastime novels)

  1. I can’t wait to read 1945. I loved eceryone of The Christmastime series. Thank you for such wonderful books Linda.


  2. What a BEAUTIFUL post that you sent today! I am beyond excited about your 2 new books coming out later this year! I am going to forward this post to the Terre Haute Public Library after Easter. Currently I am reading your BEAUTIFUL book: The Dreams of Youth. You are so Blessed to have such a wonderful mother! Her story has touched my heart to the core! I am half way through it and will finish it tonight….I can’t put it down!! You have such a beautiful gift Linda! Thank you for sharing your stories with us!!


    1. Dear Kathie –
      Thank you for your wonderful comment – I’m so happy that you’re enjoying The Dreams of Youth. I think that is the book I will always hold most dear. And thank you for reaching out to the Terre Haute Public Library about my books. I really appreciate your support!

      Liked by 1 person

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